The Chakra System and Weight Loss

March 9, 2009
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Over 90% of people who go to the gym are trying to lose weight. Weight loss is incredibly important for not only aesthetics but also our general health. All of our degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease can be directly linked to excess weight and adiposity. The traditional method of weight loss in the western world is to focus on increasing exercise and reducing excess caloric intake. This step is absolutely essential but is also very limited. As humans we are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beings. We have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that we have to look after and each of these affects others.

The Chakra System

The Chakra system is a multi-faceted system that integrates our nervous system, endocrine system, circulatory system and emotional and spiritual development. It has been used for thousands of years in the Yogic disciplines as a system of total body personal development. It has relevance for us with weight loss as we can use it to identify blocks to a person’s success from a holistic view. We can see from where a person stores excess weight what hormones are out of balance and then we can link that back to what potential emotional and spiritual stressors can be blockages to success.

The Chakra system works in a hierarchical fashion. These rise in an ascending fashion with each level leading to a new level of consciousness. What is often seen is that the hormone that is inhibiting someone’s weight loss goals relates to that particular Chakra’s emotional and spiritual challenges. The correspondences are as follows:


Gland                                             Organs                                                                          Emotions
Base Adrenals                              Sex organs, Colon                                                       Safety, security, tribal alliance, financial stress
Sacral Testicles, Ovaries            Kidneys, Bladder                                                        Relationships, Creativity, Emotional balance, sexuality
Solar Pancreas,                            Digestive organs                                                         Self Esteem, Personal power and self will
Heart Thymus,                             Heart, lungs                                                                 Loving relationships, giving and recieving
Throat Thyroid,                           Esophagus                                                                    Expression, speaking your truth, Communication
Brow Anterior Pituarity,            Cerebral Cortex                                                           Intuition, learning, wisdom, creative intelligence
Crown Hypothalamus, Pineal  Brain                                                                              Transcendence, relationship to God, Spirituality

This system is absolutely amazing in it accuracy for identifying peoples emotionally issues. What we need to next look at is where some of these glands store excess fat if they are dysfunctional.
Gland                                                            Storage place
Base – Adrenals                                          Belly button, stomach
Sacral – Testicles, Ovaries                        Upper thighs, Back of arms
Solar – Pancreas                                         Hips, back of shoulder blades
Heart – Thymus                                           None but can influence base
Throat – Thyroid                                        Mid axilla, Throat, face, cheeks
Brow – Anterior Pituarity                         None but influence others
Crown – Hypothalamus, Pineal               None but influence others

This tells us a lot of information about why people have problems losing weight. If someone is storing weight around their belly button it can often tell us that they have emotional issues related to the base Chakra. This means that any security issue will negatively impact on the adrenal glands. Most people with weight issues also have issues with the adrenal glands. To fully lose weight from this area addressing these issues is essential (for more detailed information on the physiology of the Adrenal glands and a multi-disciplined approach to treating the adrenal glands please see Adrenal Stress, building muscle, losing weight and your health available on this website).

The second Chakra or Sacral Chakra relates to relationships, emotional balance and sexuality. The hormones involved store fat on the back of the arms and the thighs respectively. These hormones can be impacted positively by resistance training and creating high levels of lactic acid. However, if the person is in a negative relationship that is causing stress efforts with training may be hampered. Many of our clients will be in stressful relationships so helping them through their emotional issues can be extremely useful.

The third Chakra or Solar plexus controls our Pancreas. Our Pancreas governs our blood sugar regulation. Our blood sugar regulation is absolutely critical to our health and weight management. The two hormones glucagon and insulin operate antagonistically to each other, with glucagon helping to burn fat and energy and insulin stores energy as adipose tissue or fat. When we are emotionally stressed we will generally overproduce insulin in an effort to conserve energy for survival purposes. This will store fat on our hips and back of shoulder blades. These emotions which relate to self esteem and self will affect a lot of people. In western culture we are defined very much by what we do not who we are and this leads to a lot of self esteem issues. This can often lead to seeking solace in the form of food which is most commonly sugar, which again negatively affects blood sugar balance.

The heart Chakra relates to the Thymus gland. It related to our immunity and is our fourth Chakra. It has to do with loving relationships, giving and receiving. The Thymus gland does not really store fat in any particular region of the body. It does however, relate to our immunity. Anytime our immunity is lowered, it negatively affects our adrenal glands. This means if someone is holding onto Adrenal related fat but they do not have issues with their Base Chakra the heart Chakra could be negatively affecting it. Another good indication is if someone has a lowered immune system and is susceptible to lots of colds and flu’s.

The throat Chakra relates to our ability to communicate and speak our truth. If we do not speak our truth this can cause stress in the Thyroid gland. The Thyroid is the throttle on our metabolic rate. It governs how fast or slow our metabolic rate is and how much fat we burn. This gland is very dependent on our Adrenals. If the adrenals are stressed what you will see is the metabolic rate dropping. If a person has a lot of Adrenal issues and have been told they have a sluggish Thyroid the Base Chakra may be driving the Throat Chakra. What you will see is that by addressing issues from the foundation, the Base up you will resolve a lot of other issues.
The next two Chakras are the Brow and Crown. The hormones released by these two chakras do not store fat in any particular place in the body but influence other glands. The two glands of these Chakras are the Hypothalamus and the Anterior Pituarity. These glands control all glands via feedback systems that regulate how much the other glands secrete their hormones. Their influence is generally limited and in rare cases is the cause of the problem. If the base levels of the Chakra system are integrated and taken care of, the higher levels will take care of themselves. The main issue people will have is their relationship to God being a stress on their system. This is generally due to conditioning from society and can manifest as Thyroid, Estrogen, Adrenal and Testosterone issues due to the connections.

So as we can see the Chakra System is a brilliant system for identifying underlying issues affecting people’s weight. What we need to see is a truly holistic approach to weight loss addressing our clients as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings.

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