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Tips on how to stay mentally strong

Tips on how to stay mentally strong!

When you find yourself surrounded by troubling news, situations and happenings it is okay and normal to have unpleasant feelings. Those feelings can take a serious toll on your psychological well-being.

Our tips on how to stay mentally strong

Before we dive into our tips on how to stay mentally strong, it is important to understand three mental strength factors:

Thoughts - with more mental strength, you will be able to respond to self-doubt, practice self-compassion when you make a mistake, and give yourself encouragement when you need a pep talk.

Feelings - bigger mental muscles help regulate your emotions. This means relying on healthy coping skills to deal with uncomfortable feelings and being able to shift your emotional state when it is not serving you well.

Behavior - Becoming mentally stronger will help you take productive action, such as pushing yourself to do hard things, facing your fears, and resisting temptations.

That being said, we are presenting you with few mental strength exercises that can help you think, feel and do your best- no matter the situation you are in.

How to build mental strength

Name your intense emotions and get familiar with them!

Labeling your feelings takes a lot of the sting out of them. If you are feeling sad, acknowledging that and saying out laud will help you feel less sad. It can be tougher than it seems, because figuring out how you are feeling, especially if you are experiencing several emotions at one, can feel overwhelming in begging. Practicing acknowledging and labeling your feelings will help you make sense of the emotional turmoil you might be experiencing and reduce stress.

Over thinking

Overcome negative thoughts!

Human brain is full of mysteries, and sometimes it likes to make us think things that are not true. During troubling times our brain has tendencies to magnify thoughts, problems, and make negative scenarios where there are non to be found.

If you catch yourself making troubling predictions about some negative situations, argue the opposite. Take a deep breath, calm your heartbeat and list all the reasons why those thoughts and things aren’t likely to occur.

Providing lists for both sides of argument can help you see that your troubling predictions and thoughts are not going to happen. By doing that you are separating imagination provided by your brain from reality that your eyes see.

This can help you develop a more realistic outlook, and in that way calm your emotions and help you make better decisions.

Good mood

Good mood motivates us to do things that make us feel happy, safe and comfortable.

Healthy mood boosters!

Good mood motivates us to do things that make us feel happy, safe and comfortable. But our moods can change quickly with a good reason or without one.

When we are feeling down, our activities are likely to match our low mood and decreased energy. While in that state, our body and soul are more likely to enter lesser protective state inviting negative feelings and thoughts.

To push through bad mood we have to change our behavior first, by slowly doing thinks that make us pleased and happy. Those things can be reading a book or a magazine, playing favorite upbeat songs or enjoying a good snack. In current situation many of our mood boosters are restricted or unavailable, like going to the gym or meeting up with our friends, but with a little creativity make yourself the activities that will make you happy.

Timeframes are your friends!

Many of us are nowadays working from home, where we have all kinds of distractions such as mobile phones, television, dust under the bed, fridge full of food meaning all those distraction can become our priority than doing our work. Focusing on task is harder and we get to struggle a lot, making us feel frustrated, worried and unhappy.

To prevent those feeling coming to light, you can set yourself a timeframe. When you find yourself struggling to get going, commit to doing a task for just 15 minutes. Outcome will most likely be that you will choose to keep going without any distractions. That will make you feel better, happier, accomplished and keep motivated to complete your task.

Worry time now has it’s own time!

If you feel worried and troubled all the time, do not be afraid, you are not alone! Nowadays we are all, willingly or not, receiving news that can get our emotions and brain going in negative way. But know this, worrying all the time will consume you and create unpleasant surrounding.

To prevent that from happening, set aside 15 minutes each day to worry. And when your worrying time is on, let it all out and out loud. When time is up, tell yourself that worrying time is over for today, and switch to another activity that will make you happy. It will not be easy in begging, but if you commit yourself to this practice you will get better each day and significantly decrease anxiety.

Kindness is the key to happy feelings!

Nowadays kindness is important and crucial part of any community. Many are negatively touched by current state and in dire need of helping hand. Your kindness and help can go a long way, and bring someone happiness and confirmation that they are not alone. It doesn’t matter if you send someone gift, or donate food and clothes to shelters, doing nice things will make your world, and someone else’s, a much brighter place.

Positive thinking

It is known fact that acts of kindness leads to increased happiness, and increased happiness leads to more acts of kindness.

Be grateful for what you have!

Every day, take some time to think about all the things that you have to be thankful for, starting with clean water and electricity. We know that it sounds funny, but know that someone, somewhere is struggling with that.

Appreciate what you have, enjoy in it and be grateful. Write your thoughts and feelings of gratitude on paper, send a tank you note to someone. By doing these simple things, you will drastically improve your psychological well-being.

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