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dōTERRA® Lime Essential Oil 15ml

Cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes, dōTERRA® Lime essential oil is refreshing and energising in both aroma and taste. Due to it's high limonene content, Lime essential oil provides a refreshing flavour and can be diffused to add a refreshing aroma inside the home. 

Primary Benefits: 
- Uplifting and pleasant aroma
- Stimulating and refreshing to the senses
- Versatile food flavouring
- Promotes feelings of emotional balance and wellbeing

- Diffuse for a refreshing and stimulating aroma (Blends well with Cilantro, Balance®, Peppermint and Vetiver Essential Oils)
- Try as a subtle flavour replacement for lemon in recipes
- Add a drop of lime to your drinking water for an enhanced flavour

Available in 15mL bottles. For wholesale pricing and access to all dōTERRA® products, please contact our team for more information at info@dchealth.com.au

$22.50 AUD
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