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Australian made and manufactured hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and liquid based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and formula.


Under influence of the current state in Australia, DC Health was established by a group of Australian individuals connected through community sports that wanted to support each other and their communities and to give helping hand to people with disabilities during these difficult times.

The idea behind this brand is to bring “Australian Made” back to the forefront of this high demand market rather than supporting low quality imported products.  We are also bringing back the good old fashioned Aussie workmanship, complemented with client focused supply and support away from the modern corporate focus on profit and return.  

our policies

We are excited to be working closely with and supporting community organisations including schools, sports teams and small business to further deliver optimum hygiene and safety products.

In this difficult time, when we are faced with many challenges, it is time to take a pause and think about those who less fortune than we are!

We are talking about people with disabilities who are highly affected by this current state that we are in. For them, this is not just “something in the air”. They are scared, social distancing is new to them, and they do not understand why their favourite parks are closed.

We have to make a stand and give them a helping hand! That is the reason why DC Health is donating a portion of all profits to people with disabilities.

Follow us and track our progress and join us in giving a helping hand!

Australian Made

Why DC Health should be your number #1 Health product provider!

Direct Factory Outlet
80% Ethanol
Great Pricing
Afterpay Available
W.H.O Approved
Corporate Access
Free Samples
Australian Made
Quick Delivery
Supporting NDIS

our mission/vision

Our mission and vision is to help the Australian community including NDIS work support and services to get through hard times by providing top quality Australian made health products.

We aim to make all our products affordable and easy to access by providing direct factory outlet to all Australian customers. In doing so, Australian corportate companies are able to bulk buy any products they need with minimum waiting time.

We have developed our very own app, which allows companies to sign up and order instantly throughout our app. With our app you can order whatever you need without having to worry about stock.

In support of our Vision we are committed to:
  • Provide Australian business affordable solutions for their health product needs.
  • Provide Australian made product which support the Australian workers, such as NDIS workers.
  • Be known for high quality products.
  • Provide NDIS Companies with Health & Safety Equipment.
  • Be known for great pricing.
  • Help the community through donations from sales.
  • Be known for quick delivery on all our products.

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