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The best Australian health product provider for NDIS

Why we are the best Australian Health Product Provider for NDIS Service Providers.

Our packaging is proudly produced by people living with disabilties.

We contribute portions of our sales directly back to Australians with NDIS.

We are endorsed by Dr. Francis Acquah who is a mental health first aid instructor who works in the NDIS industry.

We believe in Australian made products, and therefore our products are manufactured directly in Australia.

Our hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes are 80% ethanol, making them well above W.H.O approved products.

Our products are direct from our factory, meaning they are cheaper and they are also easier to order in bulk.

We have can deliver and restock quickly.

Our packaging is proudly produced by people living with disabilties.

All our products can be purchased with Afterpay, allowing any Australian company to easily get supplies, and restock.

We aim to create a ever lasting partnership with NDIS services providers.

We're in it for the long run. The current situation may have given birth to DC Health, but we are looking to for an ever lasting partnership. We want to provide face masks, hand sanitisers, disinfectant wipes, and other health products which will help NDIS service provider companies get back to work quickly and safetly.

Australians with disabilities of all ages have been affected much worse then the general population during the last few months. Restrictions, like isolation effect Australian Families much worse during this crises as some facilities which provide daycare services, specialized schools, and curriculum activites have been shut down. This has drastically changed life for Australian kids and adults with NDIS.

Partner with us to help
Australians with NDIS

By partnering with us, and purchasing our health care products, you will be helping Australians with NDIS is so much!

Our products are packaged by Brunswick Industries, which is a company that hires people with NDIS. By purchasing our products, you will be providing work for Australians with NDIS!

We contribute a portion of our sales directly back to NDIS service providers and Australians with NDIS. Meaning every product purchased is helping an Australian with NDIS.

We are the only Australian health product company which is DFO and mainly focuses on NDIS. By being DFO, we can sell in bulk, restock, and deliver quickly.

DC Health is endorsed by Dr. Francis Acquah

Dr. Francis is a mental health first aid instructor who works directly with Australian families with disabilities.

We asked Dr. Francis Acquah, the best way to help people with disabilities during these times?

" We know for a fact that people with disabilities have complex needs depending on their condition. While there are myriads of support available for them, I recommend the holistic approach to care provision. Stephanie Short from University of Sydney posited that a holistic approach to care provision of people with disabilities entails acknowledging the functional interdependence of their physical, psychological, and social needs. In strict sense, it focuses on the whole person, not just on his physical or mental disability. Hence, it is an essential approach to help improve their lives despite their condition. Although meeting their social needs have been impacted tremendously during this global issue, their families and friends can take advantage of the recent technological advancement. At least, they can provide them a social life by connecting to them through video calls or zoom meetings while staying at home. "

Full Interview
DR Francis Acquah

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